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Cigars And Smoking Tests

There are two methods or ways to conduct smoking tests. The first one, which is the scientific way, is to have all the consented smokers in the same place. Make it a point to keep them in the same place or environment throughout the smoking sessions. They would also be receiving a list which will Read More

Try Davidoff Cigars Today

Not all good cigars come from Cuba or other the monopoly they hold on cigars. If Cuba were to hold the market, Davidoff cigars would not exist for us to enjoy the taste and flavor. Today many different cigar manufactures offer different flavors, wraps and fillers thus taking our local market away from the Cuban Read More

The Age Of Cigars

Human beings come into this world fresh and new, only to leave this material world old and exhausted. With all the uncertainties that are part and parcel of this life, one thing is for sure; everything will grow old. Cigars also are subject to this aging process. This aging of cigars is a very significant Read More

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