Cigars And Smoking Tests

There are two methods or ways to conduct smoking tests. The first one, which is the scientific way, is to have all the consented smokers in the same place. Make it a point to keep them in the same place or environment throughout the smoking sessions. They would also be receiving a list which will enable them to analyze in order to quote their evaluation. In this experiment, external factors are almost fully minimized. You are free to make a statistical calculation and can indicate which of the characteristics is significantly present in the tobacco cigar. The other way also called the casual way is to have people in different places, left free to smoke by themselves, in their accustomed environment. Here, the influence of external factors is more. It is not at all possible to make any sort of objective calculation. You would just get tendencies, which are found to be helpful sometimes, if you need to choose between two prototypes for a new item or product. But the thing is that, in both the cases, if it is not a blind test it is not at all deemed valid.

To create a scientific smoking panel, it is extremely important to make sure that all the members speak the same language and interpret the meaning behind the words in the same manner. That might seem simple to many, but it is not. One will have to split the problem into several small parts and has to train people using situations or examples for each of these parts. While lighting a cigar, avoid gasoline lighters and sulfur matches by all means; this may render a bad taste. Care should be taken not to heat the head too much, just a few puffs would be sufficient. If your cigar is made properly, after a while, the burning line is bound to become even. Smoking etiquette indicates that one should remove the band from the cigar just before smoking it. But most of the people smoke tobacco cigars with the band on; and there is no perceptible substance that affects the taste. If you are bent on removing the band, do it carefully. Check whether the glue has spread out on to the wrapper. If it has already spread, you may tear it when removing the band. If in doubt, do keep the band there itself and enjoy your smoke.

Does a meal have the ability to affect the taste of a cigar? It is noticed that different smokers have different perceptions regarding the same cigar. Actually, it all depends on what they have taken in before smoking. A few years ago, when organizing blind tests with a particular group, the same people always remained in the same room. These test sessions were held just after everybody had taken his or her lunch. Statistics revealed that there were some deviations in the results. Many of the external factors might have influenced these smokers, but it was very difficult to say which all the culprits were.

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