The Age Of Cigars

Human beings come into this world fresh and new, only to leave this material world old and exhausted. With all the uncertainties that are part and parcel of this life, one thing is for sure; everything will grow old. Cigars also are subject to this aging process. This aging of cigars is a very significant factor since it affects the cigar’s overall flavour and taste. Whether you smoke a newly made cigar or one with a few wrinkles, both experiences are likely to be different. More often than not, it has been observed that the cigars with some years behind them are bound to be exceptional smokes. However, tobacco cigars also do reach their peaks and tend to turn bad after some time. In a perfectly developed world, one of the ways to discover the age of a tobacco cigar would be to simply ask for an ID, and waiting patiently as the cigar digs around in its place or wallet. However, in actual practice, the signs of an older cigar include slight shrinkages, the flexibility of the cigar rings to move up and down the length of the cigar without allowing for much friction, and the presence of a light grey powder, also known as, plume.

Cigars have to be smoked within a few weeks of them being rolled if you wish to get a new or freshly rolled type of flavour and taste. But, in general, experts are of the opinion that most cigars embody a better taste after a year of their manufacturing. A two-year-old cigar is usually the best one to smoke if you are going for light smokes. This is the peak time when these cigars and their flavours are at their best. Between two years and five years, most of the tobacco cigars peak to taste their best. The stronger bodied cigars, for instance, are thought to generally age better over a much greater duration of time, and they peak during their toddler years. However, between 7 and 10 years, most of the tobacco cigars get set in their own ways. In other words, they mellow out. For most people this is equated with having too little taste and flavour while smoking.

Cigars too have their own golden years; while some cigars are done after a period of ten years, there are others who stand to survive the test of time. Some cigars simply grow old in a very graceful manner; and, they are termed the “Dick Clarks” of tobacco. The age of a tobacco cigar is a very important factor when a person is lighting up a cigar to enjoy a few joyful moments. But, like so many other things, age is not always a determining factor. Some cigars may be thought of as well past their prime age, but may still offer a unique and enjoyable taste and flavour. The age of a cigar can only be just a guideline since it all really comes down to individual preferences, opinions and tastes.

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